mandag den 17. marts 2014


They make me think. Not necessarily about music but I suppose I'll just write about today's event.

I just got home from a Miyavi concert and I must say it was pretty great. I haven't really been listening to his new songs and only briefly catched up with it a little bit. Still didn't know what to expect but it was great and I didn't regret it at all. Although I really enjoyed his new songs, it was really cool to hear him play his older songs as well. As soon as I heard the familiar verses of "kimi ni negai wo" I unexpectedly gasped in surprisement. Countless nights I have been falling alseep to that song so it felt very nostalgic.

It's funny though. I love music more than anything but I never jump around like any other loving fan. I can't focus on the music if I dance and jump. I don't like that anyway. I'm the type who just stands with my arms crossed no matter how excited I am. My legs hurt.

I thought I did feel excited enough in my own thoughts when the concert took place, but now when I sit here a while after, I can feel it really is after a concert that I feel most excited. It doesn't seem like it when I write here does it? Hehe.
I just feel motivated. Sure I enjoyed the show but most of all I feel inspired. I never share my original song drafts but I do it everytime I get an idea. I just want to come out with it soon.

Wait and see.

torsdag den 27. februar 2014

It's 3am

I get an urge to write in this blog at the weirdest times of the day. Or night or morning or whatever.

It's 3am and I just finished my school papers. I should really go sleep.
I'm just thinking. I have to make some big decisions soon. People keep telling me I shouldn't get my hopes up, and I know that. Staying positive cause I feel like I know what I'm doing.

Also thinking about friends. People.

Thanks for being around... Both in person and on the internet.

Why am I only writing short sentences?


Good night.

lørdag den 17. august 2013

I don't use this blog enough.

I need to write out all the thoughts that no one cares about down somewhere.

Or else my friends will go insane.

And my mum.

mandag den 18. marts 2013

Wow, my previous post is one big mess. I tend to get frustrated over such issues.

torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Normal vs Different

I warn you for this post and it's structure, it's just my thoughs coming directly out of my mind.

Which of them do you think is best? I doubt there is an answer to that, but I'm curious to know what other people think.
I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Constantly you meet people who have this extreme need to stand out, and other's just want to be normal. First I thought the majority of them was those who wanted to be different, but now I sort of think it would be 50-50.
I think too much, perhaps... After all there are more opinions than stars in the sky.

Often when I hear someone I know well proclaim they are weird, I usually disagree. I tend to think "no you're not, but I guess it's pretty normal to think so about yourself." Is it just a need to stand out or low self-esteem? I don't necessarily think of it as a bad thing; we all have our personal worries after all...
And when the "I'm completely normal" speech comes from the others.... I tend to think "dude, you're fucked up". It doesn't have to be a bad thing to stand out either. Why is it such a big deal after all?

I guess it might just be what other people say about you... Their view on you.
It's probably not fun to be completely ordinary. Maybe a bit easier, but not fun....
But yet.... I think if you just try to be happy with who you are... It's not going to be such a burden. I got to admit that I'm starting to think trying too hard to be different is... Way too stereotypical. I see it all the time. And it's not going to chance. You'll always have that basic personality you can't really get rid off. But that's just my opinion. I know it's not well explained, but I'm just trying to say that it's completely ok to be normal. I believe you'll feel much better if you just accept who you are.

I don't really think it's going to change if you try to be someone else. No matter which path you choose, you're always going to have personal difficulties.

I mean what about those who are different? That is not fun either, if you keep noticing how people will always point fingers at you.

Wow, this is pure crap, I'll edit it later.

lørdag den 20. oktober 2012


Where did the time go? The spring break in Denmark is coming to an end. I'm sitting here Sunday 1am, trying to not to miss all the time I have before me. There are times where I want the time to pass by as quick as possible. Yet, on the other hand... I don't want it to. Not at all. 
I mean, what am I waiting for? Not anything, really. My life has been kind of stuck in an evil circle. Nothing new is happening and I can't do what I want to for everyone.
I keep telling myself to live in the now and enjoy the days as much as possible though.

School starts tomorrow, and I'm certainly not ready. 
I should go sleep, but I think I need to write here before I do so.
I'm just glad I've been able to relax. I even got to catch up with more recordings than expected.
Things have been stressful before the school break begun. It's not only school, there have been a lot of things. Not anything serious, just a lot of things all coming at once. It has surely affected my mood heavily. I could barely see an end to it.
Oh well, that's life. I got through it. It surely took me some time to catch up with sleep, but it's all good now.

I sound like I pity myself. Even if I do, I've always believed that you have to admit how you feel, no matter what others think. It is selfish, but can you do anything without being selfish at some points? In my eyes, you cannot. And that doesn't mean there's anything bad about it. 

Haha, I guess I should stop before ending up writing a whole novel.

Guess I'll be back later.

torsdag den 6. september 2012

My Final Fantasy Obsession

Since I've been sick a lot recently and haven't been able to go to school, I've sure not had much to do lately.
Therefore I decided to play a lot of Final Fantasy games again.

I happen to be a big fan of the franchise and after I started to play the games again, my obsession is back at the fullest.
Despite all this, I've never signed up for a Square Enix account before last month, lol. I surely asked myself why I didn't do that to begin with afterwards.
I'm always slow at discovering the latest news, so I didn't even know that Final Fantasy VII were re-released for PC as a digital download. I found out two days after its release so I didn't have to wait, hahaha.
Anyway, point is I mentally freaked out when I heard about it. I've been searching for the game for many years. I used to play it with a childhood friend I lost contact with, so I never actually owned the game.
But yeah, now I downloaded it and I'm super happy XD. It's awesome to relive the story, though it almost seem like a new experience to me- I played this game when I was around 10-11 which means my English abilities were lacking. Made me realize the story I "remember" is most likely something I've seen and read through the years, haha, but ttill awesome to play it again- though I didn't understand that much back then, it surely caught my attention.
Don't worry by the way, I'm not biased towards this game, but it was the first one I got play.

I also played FFX again... You know, I never thought I would ever describe a game as "beautiful", but well- I actually think FFX is a beautiful game. I really want to cover "Suteki Da Ne". I recently listened to the song and it made me sorta nostalgic, lol.

Then at last- I bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 back in July. I know how many people really don't like the 13th installment but in fact I do. I actually fully understand the general critiques and arguments from people who don't like it, but it personally doesn't prevent me from enjoying the game.
Yet, as one who liked FFXIII, I think XIII-2 is better. I think SE took good advantance of the critiques they received from the previous game. I'm not fond of the ending, I think the characters fate is left very open- but then I'm just excited to see how they make up for it in "Lightning returns".

Wow that was one long post. Sorry for being all nerdy, haha. I don't care whether I'm like that though.

Do you like the FF franchise too? Talk to me about it, don't be shy! I love sharing interests. I own about 12 FF games so I'm familiar with most of it. And yes- I'm a collector, lol.