mandag den 17. marts 2014


They make me think. Not necessarily about music but I suppose I'll just write about today's event.

I just got home from a Miyavi concert and I must say it was pretty great. I haven't really been listening to his new songs and only briefly catched up with it a little bit. Still didn't know what to expect but it was great and I didn't regret it at all. Although I really enjoyed his new songs, it was really cool to hear him play his older songs as well. As soon as I heard the familiar verses of "kimi ni negai wo" I unexpectedly gasped in surprisement. Countless nights I have been falling alseep to that song so it felt very nostalgic.

It's funny though. I love music more than anything but I never jump around like any other loving fan. I can't focus on the music if I dance and jump. I don't like that anyway. I'm the type who just stands with my arms crossed no matter how excited I am. My legs hurt.

I thought I did feel excited enough in my own thoughts when the concert took place, but now when I sit here a while after, I can feel it really is after a concert that I feel most excited. It doesn't seem like it when I write here does it? Hehe.
I just feel motivated. Sure I enjoyed the show but most of all I feel inspired. I never share my original song drafts but I do it everytime I get an idea. I just want to come out with it soon.

Wait and see.

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